Growing Sunflowers : The Different Types

Jul 31st, 2012

Before you start growing sunflowers you should be aware that there are many types and they vary in size, color, and shape. I have written this post to help you distinguish the different types to see which ones you may want to grow before you start growing sunflowers!

This type of sunflower also known as the “swamp sunflower” has multiple 3″ heads and can grow up to 10ft   tall it is one of the types that grows to be very large.





Helianthus divaricatus - Woodland Sunflower Also known as the “woodland sunflower” grows to about 6ft tall         these sunflowers rather clump togther so becareful as they can spread very fast!





Helianthus debilis Also known as “vanilla ice” this sunflower is almost white but not 100% this sunflower grows about 6 to 7ft tall.






Helianthus annuus - Sunflower - Sunny SmileThis little gal also known as “sunny smile” is one of my favorites she grows only about 12-16inches! No pollen so its the perfect for growing inside the house! One of the dwarf sunflowers





helianthus annuus - Cocoa Sun This sunflower is also known as coca sun it is also part of the sunflower dwarf family. it grows 10-12in! It has huge yellow flowerheads.





helianthus annuus - Moonshadow This sunflower is also known as the “moonshadow”  It is one of the second whitest sunflowers groups up to about 5ft and has no pollen! Perfect flower to grow.





Helianthus annuus - Velvet Queen This sunflower is known as the “velvet queen” one of my favorites aswell grows up to 4-6 ft tall. This sunflower has a black center and yellow and orage shades pretty cool!





Helianthus annuus - Claret Hybrid This sunflower is also one of my favorites it is also known as “claret hybrid”  It has beautiful red petals is pollen free and grows to about 6-7ft tall





I hope I have helped you identify some of the potential sunflowers you may want to grow now if you know which one you like go ahead and start growing sunflowers!

Growing Sunflowers : Frequently Asked Questions

Jul 26th, 2012

Q. What is the best time for growing sunflowers?
A. You can plant sunflowers all year long (summer fall winter spring) however most people prefer not to grow during the winter due to the cold weather.

Q. How tall is the largest sunflower ever grown?
A. The biggest sunflower officially ever grown was in the Netherlands and it was measured at 25 1/2 ft!

Q. Do Sunflowers really face the sun?
A. In a certain stage of growth known as the “budding” stage sunflowers do face the sun however they do not permanently face the sun.

Q. Is it bad to eat to consume sunflower shells?
A. The out shell of the sunflower seed contains ton of fiber which may impact certain individuals, the shell if also not chewed accordingly can also pierce the esophagus or stomach. (It is recommended you DO NOT consume the shell).

Q. Is this sunflower plant Genetically modified?
A. No sunflowers are not genetically modified due to regulations and finances.

Q. What is sunflower oil used for?
A. Sunflower oil is very high in vitamin E, it is commonly used in cooking and is consumed for certain health benefits.

Q. What states are growing sunflowers the most?
A. Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Nebraska, California, and Minnesota.

Q. Where can I get more information on growing sunflowers?
A. You are already here browse the rest of our website you are sure to find more information on Growing Sunflowers!

Growing Sunflowers A Long History

Jul 24th, 2012

The long tale about growing sunflowers also known as “Helianthus Annuus” is without a doubt very fascinating. The wild sunflower is now home to North America where many people are now growing sunflowers, but believe it or not commercial domestication of the plant first happened in Russia.

It was only rather recently that sunflower plant had migrated back to North America to become one of the highly cultivated plants/crops. Credit must be given to the American Indians because they were actually the first to domesticate the sunflower into a one headed flower with multiple seed colors consisting of red, black, and white.

Within the American Indians sunflowers growing was profound. Research shows the the plant was grown by Indians in Mesoamerica which is presently known as Mexico around 2800 BC.

Among the native tribes sunflowers was used in a variety of ways, research shows that after growing sunflowers the Native Americans squeezed the oil from the seeds and used the oil while baking breads. The seeds of the sunflower were also grounded and turned into flour for making cakes and many other bakery goods, And what Americans commonly do today they cracked and ate the seed as a nutritious snack.

Beyond edible uses the seeds and the plant were used in religious ceremonies among certain tribes as to them it was some form of resemblance of the solar system, it was also used as medicine to treat snakebites and other toxic irritant injuries. The sunflower oil was also used on the skin and hair due to the high vitamin concentration it provided a denser complexion in hair and skin.

As you can see planting sunflowers dates back and its uses are probably more than you have imagined ranging from edible, medicinal, to religious practices.

The sunflower plays a major role in our culture and many others culture. Presently all these uses are still active and that’s why companies and people are still harvesting sunflowers today!

I hope you have found this article interesting and informative now start growing sunflowers for your own enjoyment!

Welcome to Growing Sunflowers dot net

Jul 20th, 2012

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